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A Wedding in Santorini with the historical background encompassing the “Myth of Atlantis” allows each bride the magical moment where she not only looks like a Goddess, but feels like one too.

Far from the crowds, share your private moments, as they are meant to be.

Their extraordinary team of Wedding Planners will recommend the best choices to allow you to host the perfect and most beautiful dream wedding, whether it's just the wedding couple or up to 80 guests.

Astarte Suites facilities, the outstanding catering, and the personalized recreation choices, in combination with the exclusive private suites and the romantic location, will create a truly extraordinary wedding experience for you and all your guests.

Their Master Chef will prepare a personalized Wedding Menu based on your selections.

Every one of your Wedding guests will always hold these images and memories and think back to your Love Story.

Please ensure you check the legalities for your wedding before travel.  Your wedding planners will be able to assist you.

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