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Bambu Indah prides itself on combining the best of antique architecture and design, with modern and sustainable practices in a luxury environment. Indulge yourself with the best traditional cuisine available in Bali with homegrown ingredients and recipes that have crossed generations.


Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature. Swim in a pool, so fresh you’ll share it with small fish. Stretch your legs during a morning rice paddy walk. And melt away with a Balinese massage. And when you’re not doing these things? Read a good book, or two

Location: Bali
Nearest Airport: Denpasar Airport
Prices: From $125.00 per room per night

Immerse yourself in style and nature. These charming Javanese teak wood houses are historic traditional homes built by native Indonesians over 100 years ago.


Each served as bridal houses to a Javanese nobleman whose duty it was to provide a home for his new bride. These antique homes were hand picked by John Hardy before being carefully dismantled, relocated to Bambu Indah, lovingly restored and made available to you.

Udang House

Udang House or shrimp House is a very unique home of the Bambu Indah. Originally situated on the bottom part of the estate, close to the Ayung River and above an original shrimp pond that was used as food production, this house was brought back on the top level of the compound and opened for guests to enjoy.


Now, Udang House, still has a tempered glass floor panels for an underwater panorama, over a natural pond. The house is situated at the source of the water fountain that supplies the natural pool so, the pond is not used for food production anymore, but the originality of this house is still the architectural innovation to find a glass floor in a century old house.

Authentic shrimp baskets have been converted into lamps while the house also enjoys the view over the Sayan valley. The porch is private and cozy for languid afternoons taking in the sounds of the bubbling fountain and coolness of the water.

The shower is partly indoor and partly outdoor providing guests an opportunity to commune with Nature. The glass tiled roof of the bathroom allows entry of the sunlight and the Bali moonlight at night–an exquisite experience to bring the weary traveler back to life and create a connection to source.

Accommodation Insight

Kolam (swimming pond)

While most pools require large amounts of concrete and chemicals, Bambu Indah built a sustainable pool without either.  Instead, they dug a hole, lined it with high density polyethylene which is recyclable after its 60 year life cycle, and use lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which naturally cleanses, filters and oxygenates the water and nurtures beneficial bacteria. A water flow system and high-density polyethylene liner, which can be recycled after 60 years of life, creates a natural pool that does not use chlorine, algaecides or cement.

The result? A harm free green pool, surrounded with large, beautiful stones from the mountains, a rope swing for the Tarzans in your family and deck chairs for the Princesses. Enjoy this unique pool as Nature intended and don’t be afraid if you run into a fish or two. They’re happy to share with you.

Organic kebun (garden)

The team of gardeners, who are led by permaculture experts, plant and harvest traditional Balinese rice, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout the property. Their produce is allowed to ripen on the vine and harvested daily for use in the restaurant and in traditional offerings to the Gods.

To ensure a healthy garden, they use natural fertilizers including compost made from our organic waste. Composting diverts waste from landfills, and helps eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers often used in commercial farms.

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