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Bambu Indah know what it’s like to host the most memorable wedding you’ve ever imagined. They've done it. And their weddings have been featured in magazines and blogs worldwide. From intimate and private 2-person ceremonies to the most memorable 200-guest weddings you’ve ever imagined.

Bambu Indah prides itself on combining the best of antique architecture and design, with modern and sustainable practices in a luxury environment. Indulge yourself with the best traditional cuisine available in Bali with homegrown ingredients and recipes that have crossed generations. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature. Swim in a pool, so fresh you’ll share it with small fish. Stretch your legs during a morning rice paddy walk. And melt away with a Balinese massage. And when you’re not doing these things? Read a good book, or two.

Please note that Bambu Indah does not have concrete paths. The paths are made from flat stones that are, at times, irregular. They are inappropriate for wheelchairs and strollers, but perfect for anyone looking to get off the beaten path. Please keep this in mind before booking your reservation.


Please ensure you check the legalities for your wedding before travel.  Your wedding planners will be able to assist you.

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