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There is something deliciously intriguing and inspiring about staying in one of the 15 open-air luxury tents at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.  Conceived by the celebrated interior designer Bill Bensley, the sense of enchantment begins with the picturesque location of the tents, scattered across half a mile of rolling forest-covered hillside, the better to enjoy gorgeous views.

There are 15 originally-themed tents that are temples of fine design. Exquisite metal craftwork created by exemplary local artisans and an eclectic array of explorer-themed antiques – vintage compasses and rifles and primitive fishing implements – are just some of the delights in store.  Well-spaced for privacy and quiet, the tents are connected by a quaint brick trail lined with bamboo. Guests may choose from Deluxe and Superior styles. The five Deluxe tents, for example, feature private outdoor whirlpools that take the experience to another level of luxury.



Location: Thailand
Nearest Airport: Chiang Rai 
Prices: From £1,594.00

Well-spaced for privacy and quiet, the tents are connected by a quaint brick trail lined with bamboo. Guests may choose from Deluxe and Superior styles. The five Deluxe tents, for example, feature private outdoor whirlpools that take the experience to another level of luxury.

Decorative features unique to each tent range from framed artworks to a personal library. Or to be more specific:

  • Tent 1: Elephant - Features elephant-inspired bathtub fittings and an outdoor shower. A veranda complete with ropes securing the railings runs the entire length of the perch. It’s a bit like living in an elephant’s house, the more so with all the tiny elephant figurines that adorn the tent interior.

  • Tent 2: Hill Tribe - A tribal-inspired concept featuring decoratively framed tribal utensils, spears and swords and even a story book about tribal traditions.

  • Tent 3: Culinary Arts - Decorated with culinary items you may not have seen before or even imagined – rare examples of that oldest and most widely used human utensil, the knife.

  • Tent 4: Butterfly - Beautiful butterflies are preserved and framed along with amazing insects and the necessary illustrated biology books to identify and understand them.

  • Tent 5: Botanists - A wow for nature lovers featuring botanically-inspired décor and books on botany.

  • Tent 6: Bird Watcher - Ideal for ornithologists, with a set of binoculars handily poised to catch the abundant local bird-life.

  • Tent 7: Opium - Poppy paintings adorn the walls and literature topics include opium poppy cultivation and curtailment

  • Tent 8: Basket - Styled after traditional Thai homes woven from basketry.

  • Tent 9: Textile - Adorned with textiles from around the world and enhanced with a little information on their background.

  • Tent 10: Beaded - Beautiful beads decorate every conceivable surface, including even the shower curtain.

  • Tent 11: Silver - Silverware from all around the world and relevant profiles in words.

  • Tent 12: Hill Tribe - The tent where hill tribe people in the area would feel most at home.

  • Tent 13: Explorer - The romance of the great explorers is cleverly captured in this tent that includes a map of the world and binoculars with which to see far.

  • Tent 14: Burmese - Burmese alphabet characters are beautifully framed and a short course in Burmese history is available to read.

  • Tent 15: Elephant - Similar to the first tent but with an original approach to awesome elephants all of its own.

Accommodation Insight

Go on the adventure of a lifetime in the wondrous natural surroundings of Northern Thailand, bordering Burma and Laos. Tucked away in the historic Golden Triangle region, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is the perfect escape from the rest of the world.


On their unique three- or four-night excursions, you will discover the joys of interacting with rescued elephants in their home habitat, explore spectacular mountain trails and bamboo jungles, and unwind in superb luxury tents. Let the 19th-century explorer’s spirit in you come to life – while enjoying the signature hospitality.  

Get up close and personal with an elephant in its own home—the lush jungle. Take an excursion to colourful local markets and temples, or trek to a nearby hill tribe. Absorb the tropical tranquillity with an open-air massage among the treetops. Like at a safari camp, the ability to share these unforgettable experiences with fellow guests is an essential part of Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.


Restaurant: Nong Yao Restaurant

  • Cuisine: Thai, Laotian, Burmese and western cuisine

  • Designer: Bensley Design Studios

  • Outdoor Seating: 34, plus 6 in the bar area

Restaurant: Burma Bar

  • Designer: Bensley Design Studios

  • Signature Cocktail: Lemongrass Martini

  • Seating: 30+

Unique Dining Experiences:

  • Sunrise breakfast on the Camp's peak

  • Jungle and riverside picnics

  • Sunset cocktails at Burma Bar

  • Private candlelit dinner at the Elephant Camp

Did you know that elephants have six sets of teeth over their lifetime? Or that they don’t actually love peanuts? Learn more about elephants in the best possible way – by keeping them company in their own natural habitat. This immersive experience begins at the Elephant Camp, where your mahout guide explains how elephant anatomy works – a lesson that is sure to be full of surprises! 
Once you have the basics down, set off on a walk through the wilderness with your elephant companions. Stop by the pond to see their playful side as they splash about happily and drink water by the gallon. As you make your way through the grassland together, the mahout tells you more about the behavioral traits of these gentle giants. Observe closely and you will find that each elephant has its own distinct personality – some are mischievous, others are nurturing, while a few love to showboat. 
Next up is bath-time at the river, a cherished daily ritual for elephants and their mahouts. Afterwards, head to the bamboo hut for some well-deserved refreshments – bananas for the freshly bathed elephants and a platter of delicious snacks for you. Conclude this unforgettable experience with a photo session alongside your new friends – these precious mementos are sure to be treasured for years to come. 

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