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Snow & Aurora Borealis, the Midnight Sun and Ruska - Three Magical Weddings in Lapland 

Snow & Aurora Borealis

You are sitting in a sledge pulled by a reindeer. It takes you through a magical snow covered forest. The snow is so white that you wonder whether it is real. Finally you reach your destination. A chapel made of ice and snow. You step in the chapel and look around. The chapel is decorated by ice sculptures and it is the most beautiful place you have ever seen. It is totally quiet and surrounded by the beautiful nature...

The Midnight Sun

You are sitting on traditional fishing boat at the Lake Inari. The clarity of the water and the beauty of the barren banks are unbelievable. Finally you reach your destination – Ukonkivi. It is a high, mysterious island, which has a very special meaning for the local Saame people. You climb to highest point of the Island, where ceremony will take place. The midnight sun is shining. It makes the scenery look mysterious. This is truly a sacred place...


You are walking up to a fell. When you look down, you see that you are totally surrounded by wilderness. Everywhere in the scenery you can see the colours of the autumn - Ruska, the natures last show before the snow covers the ground again. When you reach the top it is already darn, but just then magical lights, the Aurora Borealis, light up the sky. Your wedding can begin...



How It All Goes...

            ·  Your magical wedding starts usually already at Ivalo airport, where a driver is picking you up and taking you directly to the hotel. They highly recommend that you come at least one day before the ‘big day’ to relax and get acclimatised to Lapland and the weather. On your arrival day, a wedding planner goes through the wedding program with you. This is your opportunity to add something extra to the program.

            ·  The wedding day begins with a plentiful breakfast. After the breakfast it is time for your hairdresser and make up. Skilful professionals can do this either also in your own cabin. After this you will receive bridal bouquet and a button hole (flower for the groom) of your choice made by an awarded expert.

    you get the best memories of your wedding, if their photographer follows you. This can also be done by video camera (DVD). You will receive a CD album a few days after the wedding.

            ·  You are free to choose the venue of the wedding. In summer you can have the ceremony in a romantic small Wooden Chapel 2 km from the East Village or on the top of a fell under the Midnight Sun. In winter you can have the ceremony in our Snow Chapel, in a Glass Teepee under the twinkling stars and the Northern Lights or in the Wooden Chapel. Complete the wedding celebration with a genuine performance of Lappish songs called joiku and have glass of sparkling or a special hot cocktail with the guests.

            ·  After the ceremony it is time to move to your reception by your chosen vehicle. You can have the reception with all your friends and relatives or celebrate the special moment just the two of you in one of our restaurants eating your wedding cake and have a glass of something hot or sparkling.

            In the evening you can enjoy a very special wedding dinner in the log house restaurant.

            For your wedding night you have several options depending on the season: for example, Wedding Chamber

or a Glass Igloo. The choice is yours but we suggest that you keep your cabin as well for your convenience.

             The next days you can join our optional excursions and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful nature of Lapland.

Please ensure you check the legalities for your wedding before travel.  Your wedding planners will be able to assist you.


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