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One of the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador, the award winning La Selva was completely remodeled and reopened in July of 2012 and has since become the premier eco lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa is located in a rainforest paradise bordering Yasuni National Park in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet.

Location: Ecuador - Amazon
Nearest Airport: Quito Airport
Prices: From £527. 00

La Selva Amazon Ecolodge has nineteen spacious suites, including three scenic suites with a view of Lake Garzacocha and roomy family suites for those who have brought their children along on their jungle adventure.


The Scenic and Superior Suites include exclusive rainforest showers, private balconies, and great panoramic views, while the Family Suites include extra-spacious bathrooms, hammocks and a tub on a private porch. The design of these suites is inspired by local homes used by the natives for generations: the airy, shady layout keeps things cool even in the hottest hours of the day. In the bathrooms,


amenities such as hairdryers and shampoo, conditioner, and soap are included. Hot showers, ceiling fans, and electricity are provided in each suite. At La Selva Lodge, they are deeply committed to sustainable ecotourism and keeping their impact on the environment to a minimum. Therefore,  do not have air conditioners in the rooms. There are, however, large windows and a ceiling fan which keeps the air in the suites circulating.  As an added bonus, the fans are fairly quiet, allowing you to hear the soothing sounds of the jungle at night!



Accommodation for 4 guests King bed and two double beds Private porch, hammock & tub Private bathroom 4 cabins available 7.5 X 7.5 m.  



Private balcony King bed or two double beds Exclusive rainforest shower Luxury bed linens Private bathroom 12 suites available 37 sq. m.



Private balcony with lake views King bed or

two double beds Luxury bed linens Private bathroom Exclusive rainforest shower 3 suites available 25 sq. m.




Accommodation Insight

Each day is an adventure at La Selva!


Their experienced guides will decide to do the following activities based on the time of day, season, weather, physical abilities of the group and where they believe wildlife is more likely to be found.


Each activity was designed to show you the best of what the Ecuadorian Amazon beholds. Note: All of these activities are included in the regular program prices.


38 Meter Observation Tower:

(125 ft.) high observation tower sits on sustainable steel. The platform offers a 360° view for world-class meterThe observation platform of this 38


Parrot Clay Lick:

Guests visit clay licks where parrots and other birds frequently gather to eat salty clay to aid their digestion of seeds.


Kichwa Community Visit:

Several indigenous communities live near La Selva and guests are able to visit to learn about their way of life. We like this quote that perfectly sums up why their guests enjoy the community visit so much; "People travel because it teaches them things they could learn no other way."


Lance Morrow Charapa Turtle Adoption:

is a new initiative within the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve in ThisSelva participates in. Guests can adopt an endangered Charapa Turtle and set it free whichLaintothe wild once hatched. Guests MUST mention this activity when booking. The program canonly bearranged ahead of time in order to properly coordinate with the organization. Amount of donation at the end of the activity is decided by guest.


Night Excursions:

Grab your flashlight or headlamp and join your guide to see the forest come alive in the darkness.


Star Gazing:

 are currently working on new star gazing kits for the Junior The night sky at La Selva is perfect for viewing constellations in the Southern Hemisphere. 






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