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Providing all the comforts, conveniences and opportunities only a five-star resort can offer, Poseidon’s Mysterious Island is the culmination of every elite vacationer’s vision.


Activities abound for adventurers who wish to explore the unimaginable, like maneuvering a personal Triton submarine through a lagoon, exploring the ocean’s depths as the passenger of a 1,000-foot luxury submersible, and scuba diving in pristine waters. Those who seek solitude will find the epitome of relaxation when indulging in marine-focused spa treatments and meditation under the gaze of only the moon and stars. Whether traveling alone, as a pair, or in a group, you will find what you seek.


Location: Fiji
Nearest Airport: TBA
Prices: Register on their website for  reservation release dates

Seventy per cent of the exterior surface of each suite is make from transparent acrylic making the undersea views panoramic, and each suite will have underwater lights controllable from an inside switch and an external fish feeder, promising eye-popping views of multi-coloured marine life. 

All underwater suites, bungalows, or surface apartments include:

• A king-size bed with Nordic duvet, luxury pillows and bed linens of the highest quality.
•  A lounge with library, Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet access, plus multi-line phones.
•  Entertainment technology, including a large high-definition flat screen TV, CD/DVD players and satellite radio with surround sound.
• Refrigerators continuously supplied with gourmet snacks, French champagne, fine wines and soft drinks.


There are also two undersea spa treatment rooms and an undersea wedding chapel. There will even be the opportunity to learn to pilot a 3-passenger submersible with a personal pilot.

On shore the resort will have a reception area, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, luxury spa and hydrotherapy centre, gift shop and tennis courts as well as a nine-hole golf course and a marina. There will also be a dive shop with recompression chamber. 

The resort will have a private plane to fly guests to and from Nadi International Airport on the main island of Viti Levu.  


Accommodation Insight

Services available include two fine dining establishments, one on land and one below the sea, presenting plates of culinary excellence day and night.


A dive shop and retail boutique will also be at your service, along with a library/lounge, theater area and conference room/wedding chapel. Fitness amenities include a nine-hole executive golf course, tennis courts, private splash pools and a fitness center.


And then there’s your definitive playground… the ocean.

There are plenty of activities at hand: in the periphery of the lagoon, there is a beautiful and mysterious abyss, which that can be explored with submersible vessels available, exclusively, for hotel guests.


Following the underwater theme, visitors can opt for diving excursions, with a guide, through the pristine, clear waters of the South Pacific. 

The greatness and beauty of nature, in its entire splendor, lures thousands of tourists to Fiji. Once there, the golden sunsets give in to magical, starlit evenings.


The views from the beach at nightfall are quite amazing, especially if taken with a cocktail in hand and next to that special person in our lives.

Also available: marble bathrooms with large whirlpool, double sinks and shower, as well as bathrobes, natural sponges and a selection of high quality marine beauty products.

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