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 sant' angelo luxury resort

Sant’ Angelo Luxury Resort is located in an attractive complex of historical buildings.
After careful restoration, the 18th century local Royal court building, the old cave houses and cave church of Sant’Angelo have been given new life and turned into charming spaces.


Experience the true magic of the Sassi, with all the comforts of a contemporary and exclusive resort. However, this is a resort which has respected these spaces and their past, but repurposed them for the present



Location: Italy
Nearest Airport:  Bari Palese
Prices:  From £90 per room

Superior Suite

In the golden heart of the rock, there is a sophisticated and romantic alcove, which is the result of an amazing combination of nature, history and design.


In the old rooms, the soft tuft cavities welcome refined furniture and every contemporary comfort. Candles, aromas and light effects heat up the atmosphere. There is a spacious bedroom with an open bath, a relaxing living area and a private courtyard. An unforgettable experience.

Junior Suite

Intimate and cozy, the Junior Suites are an invitation to relaxation and pleasure. The charm of the history, the warm tones of the local stone, the contemporary furniture, all create an evocative ambience.


The cave and palazziate suites reflect the two traditional types of houses within the Sassi. They consist of a large double bedroom and a small lounge area.


 Immersed in the teeming maze of the Sassi, our Deluxe rooms retain their original unusual shapes and natural and historical charm, which now give life to the ancient neighborhoods of the city. Each is the result of an accurate architectural rehabilitation project, aimed at highlighting the features of the places.


Guests have the intriguing choice of a romantic and characteristic cave room, or a bright room in a historic building with great panoramas.

Set like a gem in the spectacular amphitheater of the Sassi of Matera, the Sant’Angelo Resort enjoys a unique location on one of the most beautiful squares in the heart of the old city


 From the many panoramic viewpoints, your gaze sweeps across intricate houses, neighborhoods and characteristic stairways of the old neighborhoods until it reaches the stark landscapes of the Gravina canyon, dotted with caves inhabited since prehistoric times.


The city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site wonders are all close at hand: the Barisano and Caveoso Sassi, the Rock Churches, the Cathedral, the charm of a thousand nooks and crannies await discovery.


The resorts restaurant offers the best of local cuisine in an exceptional location, where every ingredient carries the breath of an authentic and generous land.


In the kitchen, time-honored knowledge is combined with the creativity of the chef. At table the traditional flavors express their fragrance intact and exalt themselves in unusual combinations.


The cellar is rich with the best wines from Basilicata, in addition to a wide selection of prestigious national labels.
Thei restaurant offers the choice of an unforgettable dinner in a refined environment, with a quiet atmosphere, in the unusual cavities of the millennial rock, or an experience on our enchanting terrace with its superb views of the Sassi.

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