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What could one say about Santorini that has not already been said? If your are thinking of magical sunsets, breathtaking views, towering cliffs and whitewashed villages, this crescent-shaped island in the Aegean Sea is the little paradise on earth which will complete your vows of a lifetime of love and togetherness.

 plan your dream wedding on a panoramic terrace on the edge of the Caldera, in one of the famous Santorini wineries, on one of the renowned black volcanic sand beaches and many more.

Santorini reaches deep into the past with the fascinating Minoan site of Akrotiri and the gorgeous traditional hilltop village of Oia. As the sun is setting, the reflection of the buildings and the glow of the orange and red in the cliffs will be cherished in your heart forever. 

Please ensure you check the legalities for your wedding before travel.  Your wedding planners will be able to assist you.


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