7 Breathtaking Travel Blogs That Give Us a Dose of Wanderlust

Pack your bags and grab your passport. Today we’re taking you on a trip around the world with these sixteen incredible travel blogs that will give you a major dose of wanderlust. Readers be ware–you may be rushing to the airport by the end of this post.

I selected these travel blogs for their beautiful photography, elegant website designs, and their unique visual assets (from time-lapse videos and gifs to text overlay images and hand-sketched field notes).

Browse through these blogs and get a taste for the globetrotting life. I guarantee you’ll be jealous (I know I am).

1. Double Takes

Double Takes is a destination and design blog featuring high resolution images, videos, animations, and vector graphics to inspire the adventurous traveler in all of us. Blogger Lauren Kilberg’s posts don’t have much text – instead she lets the visual content speak for itself.

2. Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs is a bright and beautiful haven for travel window shoppers who will find themselves drooling over Trey Ratcliff’s breathtaking photos. I could spend hours just watching his homepage image slides!

3. My Life’s a Trip

My Life’s a Trip is a multi-media travel diary by Jen Pollack Bianco, sharing food, drink, and scenery from her various travels Bianco doesn’t just stick with photos – she also creates gifs and time-lapse videos which give her blog an added visual boost.

4. Pinch

Pinch is a beautiful digital magazine giving a glorious glimpse into style, food, art, and design from around the globe. If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling, pinch might give you the push to get going.

5. Hither & Thither

Hither & Thither is a lovely design-oriented travel blog with blogger Ashley Muir Bruhn featuring photos and stories from her adventures at home and away. Bruhn provides visual travel guides, foodie features, odes to design, and tips for traveling with toddlers. (Bruhn often travels with her children!)

6. A Restless Transplant

A Restless Transplant features the cross-country adventures of Foster Huntington who quit his NYC job in 2011 and has been traveling via camper with his friends ever since in an epic road trip. Since beginning his adventure, Huntington has traveled over 100,000 miles across America surfing, hiking, and chasing sunrises. His largely photo-centric blog offers a beautiful portrait of America.

7. Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a collection of photo-based travel narratives, told through portraiture, landscapes, and still (plus not so still) lifes. These beautiful photo narratives inspire traveler daydreams and serious wanderlust, so viewers be warned!

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