The Beach within a Beach

The Beach Within a Beach

The Beach Sun Retreat, Dymchurch, Kent

Being put in charge of your best friends hen party is all fun and games until you have to organise a group of over-excited ladies that have never met, all with completely different ideas of what a hen do should involve. From suggestions of jumping on a plane and going somewhere hot to popping to the local pub for dinner, either way, I had my work cut out to pull this off. I knew with all the different budgets and potential childcare issues that if I wanted the whole group to come I had to find some sun in the UK, with the leaves turning orange and the heating dials slowly turning up it was clear that the Summer sun was long gone... or was it?....

Suddenly a light bulb moment dawned upon me, you don't have to leave on a flight to get some sunshine in the UK, even if it is raining. How? The Beach Sun Retreat in Dymchurch, Kent of course! The beach sun retreat sits right on the beach, which is great if it's sunny, however, even if it isn't then at this property that is not an issue because it has its very own indoor beach. The owner Karl, a complete genius, has installed a real Sunlight sun simulator at the house, complete with beach, deck chairs, and full Caribbean beach backdrop. Imagine 30 degrees warming sunrays, sounds of the waves lapping the shore, tropical views and a soft sea breeze, its there at the flick of a switch. In this multi-sensory relaxing haven you will instantly be transported to a sun-kissed health-giving paradise.

The girls were absolutely over the moon, it was perfect, well within budget yet had the wow and fun factor of actually going away! We all decided we would take our bikinis and have a real beach experience! The day of the visit we popped a blindfold on the bride, who was fully kitted out in her very own 'bride' swimming costume, then walked her into the house, gave her a cocktail and popped her down on a deck chair with the sun on and music playing. She was so excited when we took the blindfold off, she genuinely couldn't understand what was happening and where she was, brilliant!

The beach sun retreat is amazing, I cannot even put into words how much creativity and imagination has gone into this stunning place, no expense has been spared in the interior and decor and it really shows. From the minute you walk through the front door, past the coral effect 'under the sea' dining area and past the ceiling sails that frame the beach area you are absolutely smitten. The beach area is surrounded by palm trees and a beach themed backdrop with comfy deck chairs, sand and seashells and even a full DJ set up to complete the set. Not the mention hidden behind the DJ area is your own private cinema room with plush cinema seats and decor, perfect for families and groups where you want to still to be involved in the beach scene but take time out to watch a movie or some TV in the shade, believe it or not with the sunlight on it really does push out some heat! The speakers and various party lighting all over the house only add to the already strong atmosphere and feel of the beach house.

The front room area, including the beach and cinema, is very open so extremely social but also. There is scattered seating including a huge wooden egg chair, sofas, dining area and even your own bar with stools. The reception area leads into the kitchen, which is huge and has every gadget and utensil you could possibly need for your stay, it even has a popcorn machine and popcorn to complete the cinema experience! Following out the kitchen is your utility area that has everything for your stay including a washing machine and ironing area with two beautifully decorated mirrored toilets and wash area. The bedrooms are all together at the top section of the house, two singles and two en-suite doubles. The master doubles are stunning, boutique style and decorated to the highest standard, boasting a huge open shower in one and gorgeous standing Jacuzzi bath in the other. We pretty much spent the entire first hour running in and out the rooms repeatedly telling each other how fantastic it all was!

The outdoor area has lots of seating including a dining area as well as a rattan cushioned seating area next to the tranquil koi fishpond. There are more deckchairs outside in the large garden as well as a BBQ and stairs that lead straight onto the seawall of sandy Dymchurch beach. We didn't venture into the village of Dymchurch but it is only a few minutes walk along the sea wall and is full of places to eat, bars, arcades and even a child's adventure park with lots of rides and activities.

We absolutely loved our stay here, it was an absolute dream and we will be back for sure, I want to show it off to everyone I know and make sure they have the same experience as it is definitely one of the most unique we have come across! To have been dressed in a bikini with chilly temperatures outside is not something you can do in many hotels or accommodations and feel part of the furniture! From a couple wanting a special treat to a large family group, there is something for everyone here, whatever the weather, so grab your sunnies and sun lotion and get yourself booked into the hidden treasure that is the Beach Sun retreat!

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