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Lose (or maybe find) yourself in the rugged terrain of Northern Norway, as you seek your own creative solitude in this collection of cabins on the Fleinvær Archipelago. The Arctic Hideaway offers one-of-a-kind accommodation, designed to offer form and function in this most extreme of locations. Conceived by jazz musician and composer Håvard Lund and designed by top Norwegian architect firms,  the Arctic Hideaway offers the ultimate Scandinavian retreat experience. 

Location: Norway
Nearest Airport:  Bodo
Prices:  From £1,452.00 

The prices are set for the whole cluster of houses. This is not a regular hotel, but a hide away perfect for groups up to 10 persons.


Eco-friendly cabins, clad in sustainable tropical wood, perch on a hillside to provide you with a base from which to explore not only the island and its ever lasting views, but also your own internal thought and feelings, whilst leaving as minimal a footprint as possible. The site includes nine “programs” or buildings, all designed and constructed to function as a single form and offering a deconstructed approach to high-end accommodation. Together, they comprise everything you need to enjoy your stay on the Archipelago. Four are designed for sleeping, one houses the kitchen facilities and one is a shower room. The remaining buildings contain a sauna, a concert/studio room and a tower house designed for “big thoughts”. 

The retreat at Fordypningsrommet, which roughly translates as ‘room for deeper studies’, is completely designed for contemplation and creative thinking. It is encouraged that guests fully engage in the experience, rather than just enjoy the high quality of accommodation available to them.
With that in mind, you can be sure that everything within the cabins is exactly as it should be. You will have every facility you need to be able to cook, clean and sleep. Two of the houses have double beds, whilst two of the houses have single beds. Additional beds can be provided in the studio house and even the sauna house for extra guests, but only by prior arrangement. All of the cabins boast floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of the mountains of the famous Lofoten archipelago, as well as the sea and the sky beyond.

Access to the island is via the ferry boat from downtown Bodø, and there are on average 2 daily departures to and from the island. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the sauna house on the pier and you will catch your breath as you look at the cabins sat before you. The deeply Nordic philosophy behind The Artic Hideaway is that you are here to stay away from the world and to only connect with your own thoughts. The retreat offers an “off-grid” experience, and you will have minimal contact with the outside world throughout your stay on the island. The use of mobile phones is discouraged, and there are no cars, roads or shops on the island either. A host will be available upon arrival however, to help get you settled, and shopping can be ordered in for you. 

From November until mid-January there will be no sun, but you will have incredible views of the moon and stars and, if you are lucky enough, you may even have your very own private viewing of the Northern Lights.





Accommodation Insight




 Chef for hire

 Coffee maker

 Cooker gas/electric


 Family Friendly



 Garden/Outdoor Space

 Great for Families

 Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

 No dogs

 No smoking

 Rural location


 Seaside location


 Stereo music system

 Towels (bath)

 Tumble dryer

 Washing machine






 Art classes

 Beach (sea)




  • An unusual yet somehow perfect eco-friendly cabin retreat in Northern Norway

  • The brain child of a jazz musician and composer, The Artic Hideaway is designed for creative contemplation 

  • An off-grid experience unlike any other, surrounded by rugged mountains, designer interiors and views as far as the eye can see.

  • Stay during the winter and you could have your very own front row view of the phenomenal Northern Lights



You should know...

  • Access to and from the Island is dependant on weather conditions

  • It gets very cold - wear wool and wrap up warm, even in the summer

  • Use of mobile phones and technology is discouraged, but there is WiFi if essential.

  • The price is for the whole cluster of houses. This is not a regular hotel, but a hide away perfect for groups up to 10 persons.



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