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The heart shaped island is  part of the Society Islands and is located 16km north of Bora Bora. This is a place of wild beauty, uninhabited by Man, a tiny paradise with white sand beaches, countless shades of blue, a double lagoon, Motus covered in coconut trees, the home to many species of birds and a breeding ground for green sea turtles. In Polynesian mythology, Tupai was a place of passage for those who had gone to the other side, a resting place for their soul before continuing their voyage into the skies. 

It is no wonder that this pacific gem, untouched by civilization and only accessible by air, has become the most romantic place in Tahiti and the number one spot to celebrate 'Love' for couples and newlyweds.

The priviledge of flying from Bora Bora to Tupai is made possible by Tahiti Helicopters - They are the friendly professionals who offer love birds the opportunity to take a tour, get engaged, marry, or renew their wedding wows on this gorgeous atoll. Those who take the tour speak of a sublime and timeless experience, an utterly magical moment spent in awe, wonder, happiness, and profound soul connecting. One such testimony is the story of Jaclyn & Luke, a couple from Cuppertino California who went to Tupai to renew their wedding vows:

Since the beginings of time, Man has looked into the infinite skies and dreamed of flying like a bird, to connect with the Gods, to escape gravity, to feel the complete freedom of elevating oneself into the air, as if doing so enabled the soul to escape from the body and the unattainable to be reached. Flying to the island of Tupai for couples in love is a similar experience. It is the completion of their ultimate dream, the feeling of absolute freedom from the rest of the world, the chance to bond with a soulmate in oneness, to immerse themselves for a moment, all alone, in a pure untouched natural paradise…It is a heavenly journey, your journey, to be cherished and forever engraved in your heart.

Please ensure you check the legalities for your wedding before travel.  Your wedding planners will be able to assist you.


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