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What is there to say about The Who’d a Thought It? The building is a restored sixteenth century pub, no doubt the site of countless parties and celebrations over the centuries, and is now a luxurious Champagne bar, restaurant and hotel. At the Whody, you can expect to have a truly unique and memorable experience.

As a hotel, they’re chock full of character and charm – each suite boasts its own singular personality. Whether you’re looking for classical romantic elegance or stylish contemporary themes, they can provide something you won’t find anywhere else.  No matter your preference, your room will be fitted with flat screen TVs, hot drink-making facilities and en suite bathrooms. Select rooms also offer four-poster beds, jacuzzi baths, hot tubs and complimentary champagne from our outstandingly well-stocked stores.

Location: Kent, UK
Nearest Airport:  London Airports
Prices:  From £300.00

Krug Suite

The presidential suite is the Who’d A Thought It’s largest room, combining complete luxury and style with the uniqueness of this exquisite venue. 


Ace Of Spades

The Ace of Spades, Swarovski inspired room has several striking features with the Swarovski crystal ‘Manhattan” bath taking centre stage.


Dom Ruinart Suite

A super luxurious, very spacious suite with large French baroque bed and leather sofas in the seating area. 


Champagne and Shoes Room

This room’s signature erotic style is provided by its circular bed, mirrored ceiling and dance pole.


Dom Pérignon Lodge

This room is set apart from the other rooms and has lovely views of the open countryside.


LP Alexandra Room

The LP Alexandra is a Versace inspired room. Along with the traditional Versace style, this room shows off its style and personality through its expensive finishings and lavish colours.


Accommodation Insight


This restaurant offers Classic English dishes, carefully prepared with local ingredients, plenty of attention to detail and the characteristic Whody flair.

As their name suggests, they aim to surprise and delight and the same is true of our restaurant.

They pride themselves on offering a regularly changing, wide-ranging selection of dishes. Traditional meals with fresh, local ingredients are expanded upon and improved with flair, creativity and innovative methods.

Browse their menus as a guide, but beware that  menus change to reflect the seasons, the crops, the hunts and the catches.

Rest assured, though, the quality never dips and the service-level, atmosphere and memorable surroundings are unmatched anywhere in Kent.

The Whody Boudoir Dress Boutique

Come and see the fantastic fashion boutique at the Who’d A Thought It where they 
have a range of clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes, accessories and more.

Their ladies’ boudoir is something completely unique to the Who’d A Thought It. It offers stylish, fashionable clothing and accessories for those of exquisite taste.

Peruse beautiful dresses, jewellery, bags, shows and throws – all replete with the typical Whody sense of flair and elegance. 

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